'Dual Study' concept

During the practical phases you have the opportunity to apply the knowledge from your course through projects at the company. Alternating between uni and Blum adds a lot of variety to your daily life. After graduating, you can then really get going with your career thanks to your rock-solid skills.

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Your benefits

Theory and practice
The link between theory and practice enables you to supplement your knowledge with practical experience. Enjoy variety in your life as a student.
Own income
If you opt for a Dual Study course, you'll already earn your own money while still a student, allowing you to make your first step towards financial independence.
Top programme of study
With Dual Study degrees the university is responsible for planning the courses. You can look forward to a structured and varied programme of study.

Impressions from our department – people at Blum

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#workingatblum Dual Study Electronics and Information Technology


Then take a look at what we offer in 'Dual Study' courses and apply to us! We look forward to meeting you. Not the right course for you here? Then just send in a speculative application.


Do you have any questions about your application or the 'Dual Study' concept? I'd be pleased to help.

Claudia Feurstein

Electronics and Information Technology, Mechatronics

Julius Blum GmbH
Industriestraße 1, 6973 Höchst

Katja Gögl

Industrial Engineering

Julius Blum GmbH
Industriestraße 1, 6973 Höchst