We may be one of the biggest employers in the Lake Constance area but this doesn't mean we've lost sight of the individual! On the contrary: to us every single employee is of equal importance. This is why we set special store by an informal atmosphere and a good work environment, ensuring that all employees can develop at our company. We call this WORK ORANGE.

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In a nutshell

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We have a whole lot to offer

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Working at our company

We are an international business – but we haven't forgotten our roots. At our company opposites come together: Industry 4.0 with daily cooperation, international flair with regional roots and constant innovation with traditional values. That's our identity. It's what makes working at Blum so special. 

You'll soon see this for yourself.


For us it's essential to make joining our company as easy and as pleasant as possible. That doesn't mean we won't be challenging you, but we'll offer you sufficient freedom to do your job well. Plus, the opportunity to develop further and expand your horizons.

After all, that's good for you, and good for us as well. A win-win!

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WORK ORANGE is a concept. A concept we share with each other.

Denise NockRecruiting and Employer Branding

What makes WORK ORANGE special

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First names for everyone
Things are pretty informal at our company. We communicate on an equal footing and have therefore done away with titles like Mr or Ms. We can work together much better this way.
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A strong community
We are and will always be a family company. As such, we value approachability and an informal atmosphere, as well as direct communication instead of complicated hierarchies.
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Shaking hands over something is a key principle for us. Working together means being able to rely on others and to trust them. At all times.
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We speak to each other. Candidly, without beating about the bush. This way we learn from each other and arrive at new topics and new approaches we can then pursue as common goals.
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Our future as a company depends on the quality of our work, and on never losing our willingness to develop further. New ideas keep us moving forward.


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