What makes Information Technology at Blum so exciting

At an innovative company like Blum, there's plenty going on in digital terms. This is why our Information Technology department is a varied and exciting place to work. But the most important thing is that all employees can work together and cope with their daily tasks virtually at all times. And we need our company to always be fully up to date technically, This is ensured by 280 people – based in Vorarlberg and throughout the world.

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Lots to do

As you may imagine, there's plenty to do at our company. This is why we're known in-house as "Information Services and Organisation".

We look after the entire IT infrastructure and organise the relevant processes. We also ensure that all our colleagues have a fully equipped digital workstation and we're on hand to assist them with any questions or problems they might have with IT.

What's more, we run training courses and programmes so everyone here can get to grips with the tools used at our company. And, last but not least, we also develop software solutions tailored to the needs of our business.

Our Information Technology departments at Blum

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Information Services & Consulting

Services & Consulting primarily deals with IT process management and consultancy and has its own project management and consultant pool. We also handle company-wide issues such as business analytics and digital innovation to ensure our organisation remains ready to face up to the future in this regard as well.

Blum employee Bianca Jankin

As an IT trainer and training coordinator, I help our employees deal with the digital world and make sure they're always up to date with IT issues.

Bianca JankinIT Training & Communication

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Technology & Operations

Our Technology & Operations team keeps our IT systems running while incorporating new technologies so they are always state of the art. They ensure that all staff have everything needed in terms of hardware and software. The team organises training courses and programmes so all employees are able to work with the tools we use.

Technology & Operation has its own IT Service Desk, which is on hand to assist everyone at any time.

Blum employee Maria Magdalena Nardin

As a user support advisor for social media management, I learn something new every day and always manage to find new solutions and workarounds. This makes my work varied and exciting.

Maria Magdalena NardinUser Support Advisor

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Our IT process team assists with all Blum business processes involving data support – for example, in Production and Marketing, but also HR Administration or Controlling.

Blum employee Manuel Köhldorfer

As a system administrator at Blum, I am far more than just a problem solver – together with my team I play a significant role in shaping our system landscape.

Manuel KöhldorferSystem Administrator OnPrem & Hybrid Solutions

Did you know?

We use almost 1000 different apps.
We have 1600 active servers at Blum Austria.
Last year our Service Desk dealt with more than 50,000 in-house tickets.
There are currently people from 21 nations working at our IT department in Vorarlberg.
We also program our own software solutions in ABAP, Java, Java Script, C#, Visual Basic and SQL.
We provide several petabytes of storage space. That's several thousand terabytes and millions of gigabytes.

Impressions from our department – people at Blum

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What is IT at Blum?

Your benefits

We have an extensive onboarding programme and, in keeping with our motto "Learning time = Working time", offer you countless options for personal and professional development.
Work bikes and tickets for public transport come as part of the package. Plus you can earn eco points for using these environmentally friendly travel options, which you can then redeem as vouchers to spend in selected Vorarlberg shops.
Work equipment
All our employees benefit from a digital workspace, an ergonomic setup and a modern infrastructure.

Jobs available in the Information Technology department

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