Sales at Blum

We maintain a network of over 30 subsidiaries, all of which ensure that our customers get the best possible care and attention in their respective markets.. Our main task is to further strengthen and intensify this international cooperation – in 120 countries all over the world.

Two men talking in the cabinet maker's workshop

Customer focus

We supply two sales channels: the furniture industry i.e. cabinet makers, and hardware distributors.

As an international company, we have dedicated teams in 120 markets who sell our products all round the world. This lets us cater to the needs of our customers, which is our key concern.

Our departments

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We operate all round the world, which we have divided into five regions encompassing the individual markets. In all regions we have our own teams, each with in-depth knowledge of their markets and customers. This also includes our Customer Service department, which is responsible for order management and handling, deals with all queries in this regard and ensures that we are informed about our customers' needs as quickly and as comprehensively as possible.

Blum employee Michael Schedler

As Head of Sales my main goals are to improve international cooperation and continuously extend our network for the benefit of our customers.

Michael SchedlerHead of Sales Europe East

Two women and a man in Business Development

Business Development

We monitor market trends and developments, identify market potential and try to capitalise on it where possible.

Our objective: to act in line with the market as far as possible by finding out the requirements of customers in the individual markets and how we can best fulfil these needs.

Blum employee Mirjam Visser

In my job I aim to further develop the markets I'm responsible for – I see myself as a kind of ambassador who mediates between different cultures.

Mirjam VisserSales Manager Vietnam & Thailand

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Business Support

We optimise existing processes, drive forward digitalisation and provide our Sales teams with resources, enabling them to act in a flexible and effective manner. This means giving them all the tools they need to do their work in the best possible way.

Blum employee Nadine Nussbaumer

In my job as a project manager, I also like making a strategic contribution, so doing my bit to ensure we cater for our customers' needs even better.

Nadine NussbaumerBusiness Support

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Sales Controlling

As a partner to our sales teams, we identify optimisation potential, discussing with everyone responsible how we can work together to make our sales organisation even better.

Did you know?

As an international player, Blum delivers to over 120 markets.
With 32 subsidiaries, Blum has a global presence.
There are currently people from 17 nations working in the Sales department of Blum Austria.
As personal contact is a special concern of ours, we welcome some 900 visitors to our site in Hoechst every year to cultivate and strengthen our international network.

Your benefits

We have an extensive onboarding programme and, in keeping with our motto "Learning time = Working time", offer you countless options for personal and professional development.
Work bikes and tickets for public transport come as part of the package. Plus you can earn eco points for using these environmentally friendly travel options, which you can then redeem as vouchers to spend in selected Vorarlberg shops.
Work equipment
All our employees benefit from a digital workspace, an ergonomic setup and a modern infrastructure.


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