Supply Chain Management, Purchasing, Transport Logistics

The best in the right place at the right time. They make sure everything goes like clockwork: Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Transport Logistics set the pace, when it's a question of supplying Production with optimum materials on schedule and distributing our goods and services to our customers and partners all round the world.

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Planning and analysing while remaining flexible

Three departments, one goal: our teams in Supply Chain Management, Purchasing and Transport Logistics are the driving force that ensure our goods arrive on schedule in top condition to our customers all over the world. They analyse demand, plan our resources, work closely with Production and other departments, and ship the finished products to the right destination – always respecting social and environmental conditions. 

Our teams are characterised by their flexible approach and adaptability, and finding fast, efficient solutions even in new situations. To give our staff the tools they need, we rely on further training and close collaboration between employees, including those in different departments. Openness, trust and respect aren't just a matter of course for us when dealing with each other, but also form the basis of our cooperation with suppliers, partners and customers, which has often existed for many years.

Our departments in Supply Chain Management

A man with glasses in a light-blue shirt and dark-blue trousers is standing in front of a high-bay rack with a tablet in his hand

Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Management is responsible for requirements/volume planning, as well as the flow of materials to Production and our subsidiaries round the world. The team on site also acts as the link between Materials Planning and Production.

Blum employee Bianca Mathis

Every day Blum's materials management team is faced with the challenges our complex production and supply network brings with it.

Bianca MathisSupply Chain Planning

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Production Planning

Production Planning involves planning, controlling and monitoring production processes. We act on site as the link between Materials Planning and Production, aiming to maximise production efficiency through the optimal deployment of materials, staff and machinery. 

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Blum offers a unique combination of a supportive work environment, understanding colleagues and the encouragement of personal growth.

Hilal ParlakProcurement Process Management

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Top-quality raw materials and individual parts are essential for manufacturing our products. We maintain reliable partnerships with our suppliers, and our Purchasing team ensures that performance, quality, prices, environmental standards, infrastructure and innovative strength live up to our requirements.

Blum employee Ingmar Blum

My experience shows that not delivering is not an option for us as transport logistics experts. We always manage to come up with a solution for our customers.

Ingmar BlumHead of Transport Logistics department

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Transport Logistics

Whether overland, on water or in the air, together with our transport service providers we offer customers a first-rate delivery service. This involves transport handling that's not just organised perfectly, but also ecologically and economically, with shipments going out to over 120 countries round the world.

Did you know?

We manage 190,000 storage locations in Vorarlberg alone.
We also have 100 bicycles in our fleet, including 16 e-bikes.
Blum Austria works with around 4500 suppliers and over 17,000 for Blum worldwide.
By using rail transport, we save more than 138,000 tonnes of CO<sub>2</sub> emissions per year as well as 7000 journeys by truck.
We already ship 35% of our products to customers by rail and aim to increase this to 50% in coming years.
We control the local material flow for eight production plants and three shipping locations in Vorarlberg and globally for 32 subsidiaries.

Impressions from our department – people at Blum

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#workingatblum Transport Logistics

Your benefits

We have an extensive onboarding programme and, in keeping with our motto "Learning time = Working time", offer you countless options for personal and professional development.
Work bikes and tickets for public transport come as part of the package. Plus you can earn eco points for using these environmentally friendly travel options, which you can then redeem as vouchers to spend in selected Vorarlberg shops.
Work equipment
All our employees benefit from a digital workspace, an ergonomic setup and a modern infrastructure.


Do you have any questions about your application to the Supply Chain Management department? I'd be pleased to help.

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Supply Chain Management

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