The engineering departments are the basis for our future

Our engineering departments are characterised by their extensive technical and technological expertise as well as a high capacity for innovation. The work here is very varied, dealing with production machines as well as manufacturing and quality, and our staff don't just get their hands dirty with production machines or products: they are busy with analysis, planning, testing and development – as well as operating machinery.

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From research to implementation

With sections such as Development, Production and Quality Engineering, engineering at Blum encompasses a wide range of activities. The different areas are closely linked – and cooperation is a top priority. Over 900 in number, our engineers don't just deal with the design and construction of tools, production machines and products, they also devote themselves to various research tasks, so securing our future with new ideas. 

Blum employee Stefan Ludescher

As a developer of innovative solutions, I welcome the opportunity to undertake continuing education and contribute my creative abilities.

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Our Engineering departments

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Production Engineering

From the initial concept to the finished machine, design engineering, manufacture and assembly of the plant components is the full responsibility of the Production Engineering department. The implementation of innovative production processes and a high degree of vertical integration is at the forefront of our work. We push the boundaries of technology to achieve maximum output. 

A young woman and a young man in Production are looking at a machine

Product Development

The task of our Product Development team is to come up with perfect fittings solutions for customers all over the world. This results in high-quality, cutting-edge products, able to fulfil stringent requirements in terms of functionality, ergonomics and design. The long service life of our products also makes them particularly sustainable. 

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Technology Development

"Down to the smallest detail" is our motto when it comes to developing technology solutions for parts like dampers. We also refine formulations of resistant material compositions here – our employees in Technology Development make a key contribution to the quality of our products.

Did you know?

We hold over 2100 international patents.
Each year Blum trains 300 engineering apprentices in Vorarlberg.
A hinge may well be made up of 58 individual parts.
We manufacture our nylon parts in-house using over 200 plastic injection moulding machines.
Every year Blum saves itself the purchase of some 17 machines thanks to the use of efficient tools we've developed ourselves.
We use AGE EXPLORER® in development to simulate how our products are used by older people or people with an impairment.

Impressions from our department – people at Blum

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Your benefits

We have an extensive onboarding programme and, in keeping with our motto "Learning time = Working time", offer you countless options for personal and professional development.
Work bikes and tickets for public transport come as part of the package. Plus you can earn eco points for using these environmentally friendly travel options, which you can then redeem as vouchers to spend in selected Vorarlberg shops.
Work equipment
All our employees benefit from a digital workspace, an ergonomic setup and a modern infrastructure.

Jobs available in the Engineering department

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