Human Resources – it's all about the individual

The people working at the company are our top priority. That's what everyone says. Maybe. But at Blum we've actually lived up to this principle since the company was founded. This is why we look after our staff throughout their career, from their initial interview until retirement.

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We are here for our staff

Our most important task is to ensure the conditions for an optimal work environment for all employees so they can concentrate fully on their work.

Our departments in Human Resources

A woman is pushing a trolley with four green crates with food and drink while a man can be seen driving a fork-lift in the background

HR Catering

The staff catering team makes sure our colleagues never go hungry at any site in Vorarlberg. They prepare the food you've ordered with the employee app and deliver it to the collection point at the time you select. The responsibilities of HR Catering also include organising the food trucks and expanding the offer and services.

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HR Payroll

Our Payroll Accounting team deals with issues such as time recording, payroll or confirmations of employment, pay and attendance. We also organise training courses for new staff and act as contact persons for employees, managers and external partners.

Blum employee Philipp Horneber

At Payroll Accounting we deal with a lot more than just figures. You should never forget that there's always a real person behind them.

Philipp HorneberHuman Resources Payroll

A woman with dark-blond hair wearing a white T-shirt and a black mask with the word 'Blum' is vaccinating an employee

HR Health

As the physical and mental well-being of staff is a special concern of ours, we've set up our own contact point for all issues involving health. Together with our company doctors, the works council and our health and safety specialists, we also pay attention to general health protection, occupational safety and all first aid facilities at the company.

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HR Services

HR Administration is responsible for issuing references and employment contracts, producing statistics and analyses, as well as managing access authorisations, staff accommodation and the Blum Marketplace.

Blum employee Tanja Feuerstein

Blum remains a family firm despite its size and strong international orientation. I greatly appreciate the informal atmosphere and friendly working relationships here.

Tanja FeuersteinHuman Resources Services

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Blum International Consulting

This team deals with an issue that's very close to our heart: the training and continuing education of our staff. This includes courses, programmes and workshops. Organisational development also belongs in its portfolio of services.

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HR Recruiting and Employer Branding

We are responsible for personnel marketing and the recruitment of new employees while also looking after company-wide cooperation. We additionally deal with the latest developments in the labour market such as the shortage of skilled workers, digitalisation, demographics and changing values.

Blum employee Manuela Marte

Advising candidates still looking for the right job is a meaningful task. Every day is different. You learn a whole lot here.

Manuela MarteHuman Resources Recruiting and Employer Branding

Did you know?

We are responsible for almost 7000 employees throughout Austria.
With our help, over 3100 employees have acquired a bike through the "Bike to work" scheme since October 2021.
Since 2021 we've saved over a tonne of paper by introducing digital payslips.
We have our own service department which helps our staff deal with both professional and personal challenges they are facing.

Your benefits

We have an extensive onboarding programme and, in keeping with our motto "Learning time = Working time", offer you countless options for personal and professional development.
Work bikes and tickets for public transport come as part of the package. Plus you can earn eco points for using these environmentally friendly travel options, which you can then redeem as vouchers to spend in selected Vorarlberg shops.
Work equipment
All our employees benefit from a digital workspace, an ergonomic setup and a modern infrastructure.


Do you have any questions about your application? I'd be pleased to help.

Bernhard Erkinger

Management of Recruiting and Employer Branding, Human Resources

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