Work experience for career guidance

Do you already know what you want to do after school? Your final school-leaving exam is round the corner and it's time to think about this question. When doing work experience for career guidance, you'll team up with other participants to found a fictitious start-up.

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At a glance

  • When: 12/08/2024–30/08/2024

  • Who: Youngsters who will take their higher school-leaving exam in 2025

  • Remuneration: You'll not only get a certificate, but also fair pay for your work

Your options

You'll learn about the relationships between different departments and the associated tasks.
Dealing with different issues involved in a start-up will help you pinpoint where your interests lie, or confirm what you already know anyway.
You'll make contacts at the company while still at school and hear about the paths taken by our staff after completing their higher school-leaving exam.


Apply now by submitting your CV by 29 February 2024. So you can plan what you're doing this summer, you'll hear back from us by 31 March at the latest. We look forward to meeting you!

Wide-ranging remits


Do you have any questions about your application or work experience? I'd be pleased to help.

Manuela Marte

Work experience for career guidance

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